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Automatically changes the desktop wallpaper
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Select the folder containing the pictures that you want to use as wallpapers and the Windows background will be automatically changed each time you restart the PC. Use the "Change now" button to perform the change manually.

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer is a simple and easy to use wallpaper changer that allows users to have a different wallpaper everyday or whenever they get tired of the same one. The program is very small and is really easy to configure. Users can set the folder with the different pictures they wish to use as a wallpaper from the configurator, as well as set the program to set a new wallpaper on Windows startup. The program only allows users to choose one folder, so the best thing to do is select the desired pictures (personal photos, sceneries, animals, etc) and copy them in one folder. What is more, users can easily change the wallpaper using the Change Now shortcut on the desktop or from the Windows Start Menu. It would be great if it included some other options like a clock or the possibility of adding captions to the photos. However, the program works efficiently and does exactly what it is intended for: changes the wallpapers using your own pictures. If you often get tired of your wallpapers, I recommend Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer.

Silvana Mansilla
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